• Service operations


    Provide seamless, transparent automated business processes so that all the functions and departments engaged in delivering customer service are aligned and able to work in unison efficiently.

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  • Smart and fresh

    Real Time Skill Wise Map

    View of Available Resource

    The Call Center Agent in real time can see the engineers (skill wise) in the vicinity of the Customer. For this , for unregistered customers, the address of the customer is geocoded on the fly as the agent enters the call on the system.

  • SOM


    SAAS Based

    Automated workflow

    Mobile App Interface

    Cloud based, Hybrid solution

    Diverse Interface Medium

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Asset Management

  • Master modules to create different asset types/ sub-types
  • Option to enter attribute details of an asset.
  • Map user to an asset.

Contract Management

  • Define different contract types/ sub types
  • Option to add manpower in a contract.
  • Escalation matrix to create different levels of escalation alerts

SLA Management

  • Multi-location SLA management.
  • Department wise SLA management

Vendor Management

  • Manage Vendor Job orders and downloads
  • Selection of Vendor based upon customized criteria.
  • Manage Vendor claims and reimbursement

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